elefantePull on your mask, hike up your tights, and strut into the dusty arena as one of four “sort-of-famous” wrestlers to battle your nemesis in this high-flying, card-based, luchador-themed wrestling game.

Hit your opponent with a Body Slam or Spinning Drop Kick, Slap them around a bit, and then Taunt them for good measure. Once you’ve softened them up enough, go for the win with a Pin or Submit.

After the match is over and you catch your breath, shuffle up and fight another round to establish the true “King of the Ring” in Solo Una Noche!


MirasSolo Una Noche is a Luchador wrestling themed card game for two to four players.

You can play in any of three modes; Mano a Mano (One on One), Equipo de la Etiqueta (Tag Team), or Todos Contra Todos (Melee).

During each match you will play cards from your hand to wear down your opponent. Once your opponent has 20 strength (or less) remaining, you may attempt to Pin or Submit them, or continue to knock them out for a K.O. The first player to Pin, Submit, or K.O. their opponent wins the match.


Solo Una Noche Update

Hello Wrestlers! We have had some very exciting times! I want to give you all a brief update one how things are going and a quick look to the future. Conventions and Game Days What a great response! We attended several local conventions and game days and have been blessed with wonderful game plays and …


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